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Get inspired to create your own micro miniatures with these unique DIY ideas. Discover the joy of crafting tiny worlds and bring your imagination to life.
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Just realized that I've been showing pictures of Lottie's room without introducing Lottie. So here she is! I've no idea who made her, since I got her from a local shop before they closed a couple years ago. I couldn't resist her! Like most of the dolls in my dollhouse, she's named after a book character. She's named after Lottie from Frances Hodgsen Burnett's book, A Little Princess. On another note, I figured I'd share these photos of my dollhouse, reproduced in 1/1728th scale. It's not an…

Creations By Althea
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I've been working on a few tiny paper houses. I design them on the computer, often looking at antique dollhouses for inspiration. This house was one of the first I created. It was loosely based on photographs of a Tri-ang dollhouse. The doors open to reveal four rooms. This house was my attempt to make a miniature of my own dollhouse. I couldn't figure out how to make the upper porch though, so it's not quite accurate. This is the interior of the copy of my house. This is another tiny…

Loni Lindsay
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Japanese miniaturist Kiyomi imitates antiques with a stunning attention to detail, creating worn and clouded glass jars, slightly tarnished silverware, and cases packed with dozens of drawers. The talented craftswoman produces pieces for dollhouses out of paper, wire, wood, and other materials that imitate their larger companions. To give her audience a sense of scale, the artist will present her small works alongside a scaleable object, either placing a miniature chair on the seat of a…

Anna Musenko
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Ever seen a dollhouse this tiny? Made at a scale 144 times as small as a life-sized house, these micro minis are some of the most fun challenges for the experienced miniaturist. Head on over to the article to learn all about the 1/144 dollhouse and how to make one yourself!

Jamie Zukewich
1:144 Scale Micro Dollhouse Miniature Blue bathroom diorama.

I finished this 1:144 scale bathroom last week, it kinda has a retro feel to it. I chose not to finish (paint, stain, etc) the outside of the box, I think it looks great just the way it is. Or course as I do with every project, I made a few mistakes, the biggest 1 was attaching the ceiling and forgetting to put the clear front on, so it's not exactly and 'permanent' as I would have liked it Live and learn and start another project to mess something up on :) The fun really never ends!

Jodi Anderson
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Hello everyone, Hope you are all having a great week. The weather here is getting much warmer. I can't wait for Summer to arrive! Today I will be sharing with you a small project that I have been working on for The Miniaturist project. To add more detail to the room, I added a few micro scale miniature furniture to the blue shelved dolls house. The tiny 1:144 scale miniature furniture came in kit form by SDK miniatures which are quite fiddly to make. Even though the are challenging to…