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Discover the latest trends in modern kimono fashion and elevate your style with these chic and versatile pieces. Find inspiration and create unique outfits that blend traditional elegance with contemporary flair.
Asian. Far East. Japan. Kimono girl (traditional Japanese dress). kimono / jotaro saito

by Kelly Wetherille By its very definition, the kimono evokes ideas of tradition. Steeped in history and culture, this type of garment has been worn by

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Edited in June 2015 : added a second outfit and a tutorial video. A few weeks ago I released on the internet this picture of a style born in hell : wa-lolita. Needless to say that as a lolita, wa-lolita is to me a dreaded term and I was kind of wary of an eventual backlash which never happened Now as a kimono and alternative fashion lover, I always try to add a twist to my kimono outfit. I have a fond love for hakama style. Of course, the pleated hakama look was going to be the easiest way…

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