Moriyama daido

Explore the captivating world of Moriyama Daido's photography and discover the unique perspective he brings to his subjects. Immerse yourself in his stunning images and be inspired by his artistic vision.
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enown for his urgent, blurry photographs of street scenes, experimental approaches to printed matter and vast dissemination of images, Daido Moriyama has in effect been working on a room in his own apartment since the 1970s. These intimate, black and white photographs, with their strong erotic undertones, offer a glimpse into Moriyama’s daily life. Mixing […]

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Steven Kasher Gallery specializes in fine art photography, contemporary and vintage. The gallery works with important photographers and major photographic archives such as the National Geographic Society, The New York Times, the Andy Warhol Foundation and Magnum. Under the imprint SteidlKasher we have published books on Mike Disfarmer, Chauncey Hare, Andy Warhol and others. Founded in 1995, we've been a member of AIPAD since 2000.