Mother goddess

Uncover the ancient wisdom and divine energy of the mother goddess. Discover her significance in different cultures and how she continues to inspire and empower women today.
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(Essay 2) The Queen of Heaven: Depictions of Asherah in Ancient Israel by Francesca Tronetti Ph.D.

The Depiction of Asherah is from the 13th century BCE and is on display in the Israel Museum. Asherah and YHWH: Current theological and historical teaching holds that the Israelites were one of the…

Nicole Hanekroot
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Another Venus? Rare Neolithic Female Figurine Discovered in Turkey

Researchers excavating at the site of Catalhoyok in Turkey have unearthed a rare Neolithic figurine in the shape of a woman. The statue is considered unique for its fine craftsmanship, material, and because it was found intact. It has been proposed that the artifact served a ritual purpose.

Susan Kinsey
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The Great Mother Goddess - Iseum Sanctuary

The Great Mother Goddess, the Divine Feminine, Mother Nature, and Gaia the Earth Mother, have been worshipped for eons in many ancient cultures and modern cultures. One of the most prominent Mother deities throughout history is the Goddess Aset (Isis), the Queen of the Gods, the Mother of Horus, and the patroness of magic and … Continue reading The Great Mother Goddess

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