Music education games

Engage your child in the world of music education with these fun and interactive games. Explore a variety of games that teach musical concepts and inspire creativity in children.
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Coming up with engaging games for a middle school classroom can be daunting. They are at an age where they want to be independent, yet need some hand holding. They start the “I’m too cool for school” attitude and it can be intimidating at times when you introduce a new game or project - immediately the eye rolling takes over and you are stuck with questioning yourself. I’m here to tell you, I’VE BEEN THERE! It is incredibly frustrating when you are put in a situation like that, but I’m here…

Mandarina Gundín
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My concert is just a week away! I feel my students are ready and will have a successful, rewarding experience. To make sure they are ready, we've been playing rehearsal games. These games are fun, but also very telling. They help me and students know which passages need extra practice. We then target our rehearsals to meet the needs of students. Here are the games we've played lately: 1. DRAW A FACE This is a very simple game with no prep work or set up time required. I drew 3-4 circles (or…

Maria Knisely