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Unlock the secrets of your personality with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Find out your type and gain insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and communication style for personal and professional growth.
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How would you represent the 16 personality types as animals?

Answer (1 of 29): I’m only listing a few types that I want to write about. [code ]ENFPs, INTJs, INFPs & INFJs[/code] ENFP reminds me of a Panda. They are independently playful and quirky. They are friendly and aren’t shy to be themselves, just like a panda. They are also very welcoming and frie...

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My Little Pony MBTI Chart and an Explanation of the Myers-Briggs Typology

You may have seen charts that classify people or even pop culture characters according to four letter codes, such as ENTJ and ISFP. Let me explain what they mean.The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung explored, among other fields, the range of human personalities. He saw personalities as a set of spectra of differing values or tendencies. Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, a mother-daughter team of American psychologists, developed Jung’s model and created a psychometric test that…

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