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Discover the brilliance of Nicola Tesla and his groundbreaking inventions. Learn about his contributions to electricity, wireless communication, and more, and be inspired by his innovative spirit.
Nikola Tesla, 1893 Colorized by Danna Keller 20 Historic Black and White Pictures Restored in Color History, Techno, People, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Nicolas Tesla, Famous People, Einstein, Tesla

Most often the color palette that we associate with history is limited to black and white only. But have you ever imagined what did people, their outfits and backgrounds look like in real life - in color? Members of this one group on reddit, called r/ColorizedHistory, sure have: they pick historic photos that we have only seen in black and white, and bring them back to life by digitally coloring them.

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Mobsters Hide Their Faces At Al Capone's Trial 1931 Mafia Gangster, American Soldiers, Rare Historical Photos, Historical Photos, Mafia, Dark Side, Mobster, Old Photos, Al Capone

We may read volumes upon volumes of history books and make our teachers proud. But there’s nothing more all-telling than real pictures that document wonders of the past. With Joseph Niepce’s camera obscura used in 1827, humans realized that capturing fleeting moments and preserving them was possible. And they never looked back.

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