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This picture again from the Newcastle Libraries flickr set shows two children like the brother and sister in the play, playing in North Shields in the early 1960s. The view of South Shields across the river still has many features visible today. Outdoor, North Shields Fc, England, Newcastle, Cardiff, People, Vintage, Northumberland, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Type : Photograph Medium : Print-black-and-white Description : Photograph of two children playing on a rope tied to a lamp post on ground overlooking the North Shields fish quay taken c.1960.Description and Views Collection : Local Studies Printed Copy : If you would like a printed copy of this image please contact Newcastle Libraries quoting Accession Number : 054205

Morgan Everitt
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Type : Photograph Medium : Print-black-and-white Description : A 1905 postcard of the New Wooden Dolly Custom House Quay North Shields. The Wooden Dolly is in the form of a Fishwife with creel on her back. A small boy is standing beside the Dolly in front of the 'Recruiting Office Royal Navy and Royal Marines.'This is the fourth Wooden Dolly to stand on this site and was carved by May Spence of North Shields. The statue was unveiled in 1902 and remained on the site until 1957 when she was…