Northern wales

Discover the breathtaking landscapes, charming villages, and rich history of Northern Wales. Plan your adventure to this enchanting region and experience the magic for yourself.
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Wales is often overlooked in the UK, but with stunning landscapes from the Brecon Beacons to Snowdonia and Wye Valley to Shell Island and the beautiful towns and villages like Hay on Wye and Portmeirion, it really does have so much to offer. Here are some of the must-see places in Wales, outside of

Sara Schmitz
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It’s surprising to me how underrated a travel destination Wales is. With its beautiful landscapes, magnificent castles, and colorful coastal towns, Wales is about as dreamy as it gets. Scotland and Ireland always seems to get all of the love while Wales gets overlooked. But truly, my favorite castle is in Wales - Conwy Castle, which is the first on this list. Some of the prettiest coastal towns in the UK are in Wales, like Aberaeron and Llandudno, and they sure give places like Brighton…