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Discover creative ideas to preserve and showcase your cherished old family photos. Create a beautiful display that honors your family's history and keeps the memories alive.
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Couple in Parkersburg, Iowa Couple with woman sitting at man's feet Elderly couple Elegant young woman, Rockland, Maine Family portrait, Duluth, Minnesota Family portrait, Great Falls, Montana Family portrait, Prague Fashionable black woman, Reno, Nevada Florence Mette Young, Mount Vernon, Ohio General Horace Porter, Civil War hero Hershey family, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1907 [I wonder if the gentleman is Milton Hershey, who gave the world the "Hershey bar". Comparing this with the picture…

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Martin Snelling found these 35mm Kodachrome slides in a car boot sale in Milton Keynes, England. There are some names on the images dated 1976 to 1981: Angus and Madeleine, children Amy and Elinor, Jean and John at their wedding in Yorkshire, ‘Mum and Dad’, Mabel, and is that Ken? That’s all we know about … Continue reading "The Lost Kodachrome Family Photos (1976-1981)"