Onion companion planting

Discover the best companion plants for onions to enhance your garden's productivity. Learn how to create a harmonious planting scheme that promotes healthy growth and repels pests naturally.
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7+ Excellent Companion Plants for Onions

Discover how to grow onions with ease by growing companion plants. Onions deter aphids naturally, and they grow well alongside radishes, turnips, and many other plants. However, chives and leeks don't make good companions since they attract onion maggots. #companion #plant #onions

Aaron Harmon
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7 Companion Plants to Grow With Onions - One Hundred Dollars a Month

I love to harvest onions. They smell warm and onion-y, and since I am pretty much willing to throw them into anything, they are always a welcome harvest. Onions are super duper easy to grow, but I like to use companion planting anyway. Mostly, onions provide protection for other plants {the smell masks the Read More >>