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A couple of years ago we (writer Ehud Lavski and illustrator Yael Nathan), began creating short comics and uploading them to the internet. So far, our comics have been read over 20 Million times and many people have a strong emotional response when reading them. Below are our latest stories.

Tina Faith
I Started Making Comics With No Experience In Drawing, 5 Years Later Here Are The Results Funny Jokes, Comedy, Humour, Snarky, Secret Obsession, Fun Comics, Comic Strips, Webtoon, Cynical

I began my career as a comic artist 5 years ago as a high schooler with zero art experience. I have always had a love for cartoons and comedy. One day, I decided to pick up a pencil and start doing it myself! Armed only with humor and the inability to draw a human nose, my characters ended up taking the likeness of Legos, Roblox, or the Canadians in South Park. And just like that, Nate Inc. Comics was born.

S.Hammerhead Captain