Opening prayer

Begin your day with a powerful opening prayer that sets a positive tone and invites divine guidance. Explore inspiring ideas to deepen your spiritual connection and find inner peace.
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What you do in a worship service is important! Because the bible makes it clear that wherever we gather in the name of Jesus, the power of God is present. You don’t want to make a mockery of God’s presence in a worship service, do you? Then, you need to ensure everything is set right, … 7 Short Opening Prayers for Worship Service Read More »

Kanwal Matthew
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If you’re looking for what to pray for in your Bible study session, hopefully, this post will help you find the right words. Opening prayers are a great way to channel your focus into Bible study. If you’re having a hard time gathering the words to say in your opening prayer, these beautiful prayers will … 9 Opening Prayers for Bible Study (Man and Woman) Read More »

Chelsea Brown