Oregano plant

Discover the joy of growing your own oregano plant in your kitchen garden. Explore creative ideas to use this flavorful herb in your cooking and enhance the taste of your dishes.

Oregano brings delicious flavor to our favorite foods—and it’s also the perfect addition to any windowsill herb garden. Oregano is a hardy plant that will thrive with a little bit of attention and plenty of sunlight. That being said, it’s still possibly to be led astray! Check out these tips to become an expert oregano-grower. Try different varieties. Greek oregano has the zestiest flavor, but both Mexican and Italian varieties are tasty, too.Fertilize.

Marilyn Mansaray
propagate oregano

I absolutely SUCK at starting herb seeds, so I love this guide on how to progagate oregano from cuttings! It saves money, time and gives a much healthier plant!