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Discover the incredible capabilities and versatility of Osprey aircraft. Learn about their unique design and impressive performance. Take a closer look at the top models and find inspiration for your aviation adventures.
"The tiltrotor technology that makes it possible, combing the vertical liftoff, landing and hover capability of a helicopter with an airplane's speed and long range, first appeared more than a half-century ago. But it took decades, billions of dollars in research and testing, and the lives of more than two dozen killed in early crashes to iron out the considerable kinks in the unique aircraft. " Techno, Fighter Jets, Fighter Aircraft, Helicopter, Military Helicopter, Aerospace, Aircraft Design, Auto, Us Military Aircraft

The V-22 Osprey tiltrotor's speed and fast-climb capability reduce the risk of flying in and out of hostile landing zones. Its hover is stable enough that a sniper can shoot on-target from its belly. Last year, a Marine Osprey crew plucked a downed Air Force F-15 pilot out of unfriendly Libyan territory, reinforcing its tactical value. Four of the revolutionary aircraft are in Cleveland for Marine Week, to show what they can do.

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In these days of limited military spending and austerity, new aircraft types don't exactly enter service on a regular basis, so the appearance of a new type is always interesting. It is almost unheard of, however, for that new type to be of an entirely new form of aircraft, but that is exactly what the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey represents. Paul Dunn visits MCAS Miramar to see firsthand the incredible MV-22B and learn more about Marine Air Group 16.

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