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If I have the opportunity to work with a Page Maps sketch, I jump on it. I love working with their sketches. I've worked with their sketches a few times before (here and here) and if I ever need a sketch, the Page Maps website is where I look. This time the Bella Blvd team and Page Maps are teaming up. I LOVED the sketch Becky sent me. Isn't it so much fun? I think one of the things that makes this sketch so much fun to work with is that it's easy to take this sketch and "make it your own."…

Beth Isaf-Lauri
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Hello everyone ! I am real sorry I have been MIA lately. To make up for that I have a few fun blog posts to share in the next week. I wanted to pop in today and share another Simple Stories assignment. I was honored to participate in a team up with Pagemaps and Simple Stories for March. I have always been a BIG fan of sketches, and Pagemaps are AWESOME. From the beginning of my scrapbooking life/journey. It is always easier to have a starting point for me, then I can go from there. Here is…

Crystal Reynolds
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I can't believe it's November already! We had a great Halloween. Lots of candy and family and fun! We started off the day by taking the kids to some businesses in our little town where we had family members working. That was the bulk of our trick-or-treating, kinda lame but the kids loved it! Then we had lunch with Grandma, Grandpa, and a few cousins. In the afternoon we carved pumpkins and made dinner. The kids did a little more trick or treating in our neighborhood. We ended the evening…

donna russell