Painted pebbledash

Transform the look of your home's exterior with painted pebbledash. Discover inspiring ideas to add color and character to your pebbledash walls.
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Pebbledash! A passing fad and a cheap wall covering that house builders used to use to cover up poor quality brickwork, but times change and many people want to change their pebbledash wall coating to something a bit more contemporary and up-to-date. This article shows you how we go about repairing and painting a pebbledashed

Nick Jones
what to do about pebbledash? | Houzz UK

Looking for a solution to the ugly pebble dashed exterior to our little victorian mid terraced house. We are the only pebble dashed house on the street and after 8 years living here we are finally ready to commit to improving the view of our house for our neighbours. A house nearby is having theirs ...

Elliot Duck
Marvel at how a wall coating can completely change the look of a pebbledashed house! | Never Paint Again Exterior, Marvel, Painted Pebbledash, Brick, Wall Covering, Pebble Dash, House Exterior, Building, Wall

Pebbledash? Yuk! We hate pebbledash, and so do many of our customers, but what can be done about having a house with pebbledash on the outside? Many people opt for the expensive and potentially harmful practice of having the house re-dashed, but there is a far better, and cheaper solution, which retains the pebbledash but

Amanda Maclaren