Discover the secrets to mastering the Paladin class and dominating your foes. Level up your skills, choose the right talents, and become a formidable force on the battlefield.
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The life of the Paladin is one defined by its oath, a promise of the highest caliber which dictates its life's mission. It's not something to take lightly as the repercussions of this decision will echo across the Paladins every motivation. This calling is not for everyone and it takes immense dedication and resolution to follow through on. Within Dungeons and Dragons there are many paths a Paladin can take which will be formative in its design, in this video we will be crafting three…

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The Oath of the Blind binds a paladin to the vow of being faced with a misfortune that those that are less fortunate deal with; blindness. Sometimes known as sightless knights, closed-helmet warriors, or blind heroes, these paladins follow the ideal of true sacrifice for honor. Those who swear this oath might have done so due to their own condition of being blind, or they may choose to lose their sight willingly and take on this oath. They incorporate simple symbols, in braille, on their…

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