Palm garden

Transform your outdoor space into a lush tropical oasis with these palm garden ideas. Discover how to incorporate different types of palms to create a relaxing and exotic atmosphere.
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Get the right palm tree for your growing zone as well as the best for your needs

Palm tree small, medium, and large sizes are available in the market. I visited a friend recently who lives in the suburbs

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Palm Tree Garden Ideas: A Tranquil Path of Stepping Stones

A lush lawn and tropical foliage are divided by a serene path adorned with rectangular stepping stones, leading to a villa surrounded by tall palm trees. Explore more palm tree garden ideas on our page.

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Discover 25 Stunning Types of Palm Trees: Identify with Ease Through Pictures!

Uncover the beauty and diversity of palm trees with our comprehensive guide featuring 25 different types, complete with vivid pictures for easy identification. Whether you're a palm enthusiast or a curious beginner, explore the unique characteristics and growing conditions of each palm variety.

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Is it okay to plant an areca palm in a tight spot near a cement wall and driveway?

My property has a cement wall around it and I just planted an areca palm in one of the corners. Here is a picture of its location: The light brown spot in the bottom right corner of the pic is my driveway. The areca is about one foot from both walls and 1 foot fro...

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10 Grasses for Tropical Gardens in Cooler Climates

Very often, Japanese gardens will have a tropical theme or look to them. This is because southern regions of Japan are sub-tropical. In this article I will identify 6 palms or ‘palm like’ plants for a temperate climate Japanese garden.

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Palm Tree

There are many ways to use palm trees in your landscape design. They can provide screening, cast shade, cover ground or vine into tree canopies. They can serve as a small accent or be the dominating theme of the landscape.

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