Panera mediterranean veggie sandwich

Try these mouthwatering Mediterranean veggie sandwich recipes that are packed with fresh flavors and wholesome ingredients. Elevate your sandwich game with these irresistible ideas.
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Copycat Panera Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich : One of my go to orders at Panera has always been the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich. It's full of zesty flavor and with all the vegetables, it's one of the healthier options on the menu. The lettuce and cucumbers give this sandwich a great crunch, wh…

Ashad Dimanche
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This Panera Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich recipe is a copycat recipe of Panera's most popular veggie sandwich. Packed with fresh veggies, and slathered in creamy hummus with a sprinkling of briny feta, this sandwich makes a fresh and healthy lunch.

Debbie Amy