Paper mask

Explore a variety of creative and fun paper mask ideas that are perfect for all ages. Get inspired to make your own unique mask and bring your imagination to life.
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Kaonashi Paper Mache Mask (Ghibli Studio): Hello, everyone! This time I will make a paper mache mask. While this technique can be used for making any mask, I will make the mask of my most favorite character from Ghibli Studio, Kaonashi or No Face. This might be perfect for your cosplay prope…

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Although I didn't get to go anywhere or do anything too exciting over summer break, I did spend my stay-cation making as much art as possible. Isn't that what summer for art teachers should be about? Posted here are just a few of my fabulously artful summer projects! White on white canvas designed and inspired by my friend Elaine. "Nautilus" book designed and taught by Joni Russell from Mrs. O'leary's art store in Wichita, KS. The cover is made of copper with a leather binding. Pages are…

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Ignite your creativity and embark on an enchanting adventure with our downloadable Dragon Mask template. Transform a simple cardboard box into a captivating dragon costume with this downloadable pattern, step by step instructions and walk through video. Dive into the world of DIY costumes and bring your inner dragon to life.

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