Peggy guggenheim

Explore the captivating life of Peggy Guggenheim, a renowned art collector and patron. Discover her influential role in shaping the modern art world and be inspired by her passion for supporting emerging artists.
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Almost four decades after her death, Peggy Guggenheim is the central figure in a continuing art-world imbroglio: the seemingly endless legal battle by some of her descendants over her superlative 20th-century art collection—and the Venetian palazzo housing it—she left to her uncle’s foundation. Have Guggenheim’s wishes been ignored and her legacy desecrated?

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When Peggy Guggenheim moved to Venice, in 1948, the city wasn’t the floating playground for contemporary art that it is today. No billionaires had parked their collections there, no blue-chip sales directors were spending the Biennale preview week working up a sweat on the Bauer Hotel dance floor. In that year of ’48, with the entire European continent slowly recovering from the Second World War and Greece embroiled in a civil war, Guggenheim was invited to show her collection at the Greek…