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Franklin Booth, scratchboard master? As I understand it, he didn't use scratchboard. Just pen & ink. Either way, darned good, weren't he? Comic Art, Drawing Faces, Drawing Eyes, Fantasy Art, Ilustrasi, Cool Art, Dark Art, Dark Fantasy Art, Resim

This guy is craaazy. Apparently he learned his style by copying what he thought were pen and ink drawings. They turned out to be wood engravings. This is the result. A bit about him: Booth was born in Indiana and grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Back then, major publications like Scribner’s and Harper’s relied on both illustrators and engravers to provide images; the illustrators’ drawings were engraved for printing. These illustrations were what Booth learned from. He eventually…

Jeff Durham
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Joseph Clement Coll (1881-1921) died at too young an age, of appendicitis. A cynic might call that tragic event "a smart career move" because Coll's pen-and-ink+brush style would rapidly fall out of illustration fashion during the 1920s. On the other hand, he did produce some illustrations in other media that were competently done. That competence plus his sense of portraying dramatic action might have stood him well had he lived longer. His brief Wikipedia entry is here. A more personal…