Pen collection

Explore a variety of unique pen collection ideas that will inspire your writing and enhance your creativity. Start building your own collection of stylish and functional pens today.
Over the years I have amassed a collection from various brands across the world. While there are a ton of pens from Asian-owned pen manufacturers, here are some pens from Japanese companies that are definitely worth the hype: Pen Collection, Stationary, Kuretake Brush Pen, Computer Paper, Pencil Grip, Muji Pens, Brush Pen, Collection, Jet Pens

As a writer and artist, I often use pens for a variety of reasons on different mediums. However, every pen mentioned below can be used to write normally if you so desire.

Ruth Wiley
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Simple Fountain Pen Chest: I'm an avid fountain pen collector, and a firm believer that I should use the pens I collect -- they really shouldn't just sit unused. Unused fountain pens are sad fountain pens! Because I love my fountain pens, I don't just want to throw them in a …

Amanda Willis
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The current fountain pen market can be driven to a large degree by hype, with new or “limited edition” pens selling quickly, only to have sales peter out as the novelty wears off and users figure out that maybe those “next big thing” pens aren’t the best for actual daily use. I’ve been as guilty of