Pimiento cheese

Discover mouthwatering pimiento cheese recipes that will satisfy your cravings. From classic sandwiches to creative dips, explore the best ways to enjoy this flavorful spread.

Whip up a batch of the best Homemade Southern Pimento Cheese recipe for sandwiches, as a spread or dip with crackers and holiday appetizers.

Jimmy Jones
My Grandmother Gets Asked for Her Pimiento Cheese Recipe All the Time, And This Is Her Secret Ingredient Macaroni Cheese, Appetisers, Sauces, Dips, Appetiser Recipes, Southern Appetizers, Classic Southern Recipes, Southern Recipes, Cheese Dishes

While the best pimiento cheese will inevitably always be the one you grew up eating, my grandmother's recipe has garnered quite the compliment from crowds. My grandmother's secret ingredient might come as a surprise, and it's ridiculously simple: garlic salt. Preferably, Lawry's Garlic Salt.

Wanda White
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Prepare your tastebuds for this simple, old fashioned pimento cheese recipe. A classic southern staple served at any family or formal event. Creamy, cheesy, tangy with a hint of spice, try this recipe and it will be the last pimento cheese recipe you ever use!

Colleen Mcgee