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Get inspired with these creative pin loom projects and start weaving your own unique creations. Discover tips, patterns, and ideas to unleash your creativity and make beautiful handwoven items.
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I made a few of these woven coasters with the Zoom Loom a while ago and I thought it would be fun to show you how I made them. When you weave a square with the Zoom Loom, you will notice that the woven fabric looks like a grid pattern. I thought it would be neat to cross stitch a design on it. After a few trial and errors, I got the results I wanted. I found that using a thinner yarn for the cross stitching looked way better than if I used the same weight I wove with. When I tried it with…

Brendit A
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Be a Zoomin' Loomin' Human: Weaving Pin Loom Squares: Welcome to this weaving Instructable! My name is Mariya, I’m a fiber artist out of South Carolina. I’ve been a weaver in some form for about two years, and have a deep passion for all of the fiber arts and the animals that provide us with the fibers…

Tammy Souza
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Happy New Year! This has been a great day for me because I learned something new. No. It was even better than that because I learned that I had been completely wrong about an earlier assumption that stalled me out for a couple years, and then I learned I was wrong. I have to confess that I spent a number of years thinking that it was not possible to use Scrubby yarn on a pin loom. If you haven't seen this product, it is a 100% polyester yarn that is made for making dishcloths or scrubbies…

Marci Morey