Pin weaving

Explore the world of pin weaving and create unique textile art pieces. Get inspired by top ideas to make your own beautiful and intricate designs using pins and yarn.
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Be a Zoomin' Loomin' Human: Weaving Pin Loom Squares: Welcome to this weaving Instructable! My name is Mariya, I’m a fiber artist out of South Carolina. I’ve been a weaver in some form for about two years, and have a deep passion for all of the fiber arts and the animals that provide us with the fibers…

Tammy Souza
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So, I accidentally fall into a lot of my crafts. I'm a pretty scatterbrained person, and I think that's because there's about fifty tabs open at any time in my head. The eighth graders and I were talking about togas, which were made from twenty feet or so of hand woven fabric. I don't know if it's because of Snapchat and iPads and "kids these days" but they really didn't have a great grasp on weaving. (Then again, I probably have a better grasp on handicrafts than most people.) So, after…

How to weave a miniature pin. Jewelry making weaving tutorial with step by step instructions. #weaving #jewelrymaking #brooch Yarn Crafts, Diy, Patchwork, Knitting, Weaving Loom Diy, Weaving Projects, Diy Weaving, Pin Weaving, Diy Embroidery Stitches

Being able to wear your own creations is one of the most rewarding things. So I was excited to create my own mini weaving and wear it as a pin with my favorite sweater! The settings I used for the pin weaving is easy to put together and give the miniature weaving a finished look

Sharing Mexican pieces showing their heritage and culture.