Pioneer day games

Celebrate Pioneer Day with these fun and exciting games that the whole family can enjoy. From traditional classics to modern twists, discover the best games to make your celebration memorable.
Pioneer Trek Singo 30 singo sheets with directions and calling cards to go with it. -sharing time Perler Beads, Pioneer Trek, Pioneer Games, Pioneer Activities, Pioneer, Pioneer Life, Primary Chorister, Lds Pioneers, Lds Primary Chorister Ideas

We will be playing Singo this Sunday (it’s a do-the-work-once-and-then-it’s-easy kind of activity!) It’s a fun, low-key game that involves lots of singing, movement and is SUPER easy. Did I mention it’s also fun? If you want more ideas for celebrating Pioneer Day, check out all of my Pioneer Day singing time lesson plans HERE. I have to […]

Lyn Montes