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Enhance your pitching skills with these expert tips for pitching from the mound. Learn how to perfect your technique and dominate on the baseball field.
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It's a curse being an engineer. Your logical side won't let you buy anything that you can make (ask my wife about our home-made refrigerator). Its especially difficult not to start drawing up blueprints when you can make the item for less than the cost of shipping. That turned out to be the case when I priced portable pitching mounds. Starting at $500 (with the good ones nearly double that), the shipping was $125. That's more than the price I built one for. If you're building it for indoor…

Angelique Schultz
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We have two boys (7 and 11) and from the beginning of April until the end of July it's baseball 24-7 at our house. By the end of the season the lawn is bare where the kids have setup their make shift pitching mound. I decided to remedy that by building a wooden mound instead. I wanted to build something large enough that the kids could grow into it, but still portable enough to move it now and then. I also wanted to be able to use it inside during the winter in the basement. Here's what I…

Jon Benash