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Discover the perfect planner wallet to keep all your essentials in one place. Stay organized and stylish with these top picks for planner wallets.
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Hi there lovely Filofax-lovers! Ready for the follow up on the Mini Experiment? If you missed first part, click right here to get all caught up. Then come back here and let’s have some more “mini” talk. DIY project included! How to make a Mini Filofax work as a wallet! It is a tough restrictive […]

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Staying organized has become a top priority for me. With everything that goes on in life it is easy to forget things and lose track of time. Also, staying organized and planning has helped lower my stress and anxiety. By having a place to write all your thoughts out and then categorizing them accord

How To Set Up Your Planner To Make Sure You Actually Use It: Tips for Setting Up Your Planner After you have purchased your planner, the first thing you need to do is set it up. But where do you start? What should you write in it? How will you organize it so that it can be an easy to use system for you and your life? It is easy to become overwhelmed by all the tasks of everyday life, especially if you don't have a system to organize it all. You have notes everywhere, and you're late because ... Organisation, Organisers, Filofax, Planner Organisation, Planner Organizer Binder, Planner Wallet, Pocket Planner, Planner Accessories, Organizers

As your life changes, be prepared to change up your planner system. You may find that you no longer need so many lists. Or you may find that a week on one page is all you need to plan your weeks because you don't only need to see the big events of the week. Or maybe that awesome pocket planner won't work out for you because it's way too small and you have way too much to keep track of. Or you may find your big planner is too big and you never use it because you can't take it anywhere! Just…