Plaster colors for pools

Transform your pool into a visual masterpiece with a wide range of stunning plaster colors. Find inspiration and create a vibrant oasis for endless summer fun.
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Things to Consider When Choosing the Waterline Tile for a Pool - Happy Haute Home

The choices are endless, deciding on the perfect color, texture, and size of tile for our pool is mind boggling. The waterline tile adds a beautiful finishing touch to a pool. The tile we choose can be eye catching or subtle, blend into the pool or into the surroundings. Besides being decorative, the tile protects… Continue reading →

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Deciding on Water Color of a Swimming Pool - Happy Haute Home

Pool water colors have changed a lot over the past couple decades. Pool owners now have a wide variety of color options from which to choose, ranging from light blue to almost black. The pool’s finish is a very important aspect to the overall look of a pool, and finishes come in a wide range… Continue reading →

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My Pool Remodel - Laura Beverlin

It’s about time I sat down to write our pool remodel blog post! Between finishing the renovations on our old house, getting an offer from a buyer and now moving officially into Beverlin Farms, this very overdue blog post got pushed to the back of my mind! But today it officially goes live! Here are...

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The Best Swimming Pool Interior Surface Finishes

This summer has been a hot one, and there is no better way to find shelter from the heat than by jumping in the pool. But what if you have been thinking of redoing your pool’s interior? Then look no further. In this article, we will explore the best swimming pool interior surface finishes. When...

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