Polished stone jewelry diy

Get creative and make your own stunning polished stone jewelry with these DIY ideas. Learn how to transform raw stones into unique pieces that will make a statement.

Rock collecting can be an enjoyable hobby for both adults and children. It's inexpensive to do and a great way to get out and enjoy nature. If you have young children, it's also a nice way to teach them about science. If you have collected...

Tricia Beck
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No matter how rough and chipped your collected rocks start out, they'll inevitably become smooth if they remain under moving water for several years. They look store-bought when smoothed and can be painted or varnished. Small-sized river rocks can be polished in a rock tumbler, while larger rocks must be varnished ...

Deana Tracy

DIY Easy Wire Wrapped Stone Pendant Tutorial. Easy, cheap, and can be worn as a pendant or as charms on a bracelet. You can buy bags of colorful polished rocks or pick up special ones at kids' stores...

Andrea Lopez