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Create a refreshing oasis for your furry friend with these fun and safe pool ideas for dogs. Let them splash and play in their own backyard paradise.
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Having enjoyed watching Penny swim at the indoor pool at Kepala the other day, I thought we'd head off there again today, and seeing it was a warm sunny day I booked the outdoor pool. I think it's a very good bargain to be able to have the whole pool for thirty minutes and only pay $8. Here's a dog's eye view of the water. Inviting! I slapped on plenty of sunblock, because this is the time of the year when we get burned, after a winter of not having to take note of the UV levels. However…

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Dog pool floats. Large size: 50" x 29" x 4.5" . Advised for canines under 44 pounds. (20kg). Weights over 44 pounds, the dog float will sink more in water. Some dogs do not like it when too much under water. Pool float for dogs. Your furry best friend will love having their very own float designed specifically for them! But be aware of sharp objects. Better trimming their nails before use it. Dog float for pool. Easy to inflate. Just connect it to your air pump, and inflate it to about 95%…

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Making a DIY dog pool can be a fun and rewarding project for pet owners. Not only does it provide a cool retreat for your furry friend during the hot summer months, but it also offers an opportunity for bonding. The process of building an in-ground dog pool might seem daunting at first, but thankfully, there are simple designs and techniques that can make it a breeze. These 12 easy DIY dog pool ideas are designed with your pet's happiness and safety in mind. Deciding to construct a DIY dog…

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Wilting from the heatwave this summer? Take a cue from the coolest critters around. 1. [Extreme Chief Brody from "Jaws" voice] "You're gonna need a bigger float." 2. WHO IS SHE?!? 3. That's a weird looking leprechaun. 4. Chillest. Dog. Ever. 5. There are squad goals and then there are --SQUAD GOALS-- 6. Animals riding other animals: Summer pool party edition. 7.

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