Popee the performer

Experience the captivating world of Popee the Performer. Join Popee and his friends on thrilling adventures filled with laughter and excitement. Dive into the enchanting world of this beloved animated series.
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Not to be confused with Papi. Popee (ポピー) is an apprentice clown in Wolf Circus and the protagonist of the show. Standing at 5'4" (165.5cm), Popee has blond hair and dark blue eyes. Underneath his hat, Popee keeps his hair in two small pigtails. He wears a white and pink/red striped onesie with a longish cat tail, along with a pink bunny hat and a blue satchel. Popee appears to have a really short tempered, jealous, and insane personality throughout the show. He wants to be better than…

Catherine Vey-Craig