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Discover practical magic ideas to bring a touch of enchantment into your life. From spells to rituals, explore ways to embrace your inner witch and create a magical world around you.
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Why Do These Witches Dress So Well?

You know what’s better than dressing like a witch? Dressing like a witch who dresses like a human. Practical Magic, a movie that includes a song dedicated to midnight margaritas and Stockard Channing wearing a succession of enormous hats, is proof.

Isabella Yeager
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Last October, I posted a movie house tour featuring one of my favorite comedy movies, The Burbs, starring Tom Hanks and Carrie Fischer. The Burbs is a fun movie to watch around Halloween time. It's not scary or gory, just mysterious and funny. (Tour that movie house here: The Burbs.) When I posted about The Burbs, several folks suggested I post a tour of the Victorian house in the movie, Practical Magic. I couldn't wait to watch the movie to see the house. The movie, Practical Magic is based…


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