Pregnant tattoo

Express your journey of motherhood with a beautiful and meaningful pregnant tattoo. Discover top ideas to celebrate this special time in your life and create a lasting memory.
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**UPDATE** *May 2021* - 8 bottle-feeding babies **UPDATE!** *March 2021* - 9 breastfeeding positions and 6 parents with newborns. --- Hello! I'm pleased to introduce my elegant line art collection **PURE LOVE**. This set is filled with tenderness and love. This collection includes hand-drawn silhouettes of pregnant women, fetus, infants and mothers with children in their arms. Also included in the collection are linear flowers, floral frames, abstract shapes, elegant phrases and premade…

How to Avoid Tattoo Stretching Caused by Pregnancy Tattoos, Tattoo Designs, Stretch Marks On Thighs, Stretch Mark Removal, Stretch Mark Remedies, Prevent Stretch Marks, Tattoos After Pregnancy, Prevent Wrinkles, Dead Skin Cells

When women who have tattoos on their abdomens get pregnant, the tattooed skin will inevitably stretch with the growth of the baby. But that doesn't mean that the tattoo will have to look stretched or distorted after the baby has been delivered; by taking the proper precautions, you can give ...

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