Pregnant with husband

Experience the joy of pregnancy with your husband by your side. Discover tips, advice, and heartwarming stories to strengthen your bond and prepare for the arrival of your little one.
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Pregnancy is happy and memorable. More and more pregnant women want to capture the fun and meaningful things that happen during pregnancy, such as a vacation at the beach with your husband and baby, but how can we take beautiful and memorable pregnancy photos? Summer Mae will introduce you to 4 great maternity poses in the following article. Before taking pictures, we need to relax so that our facial expressions and poses will be more natural. Use Legs and Hands The first simple but very…

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Falling for her brothers best friend is one thing but getting pregnant is another, Bailey freaking out on what her best friend Olivia will say to find out she is going to be an auntie to her best friends child. ⚠️Smut, underage drinking, drugs, abuse⚠️ Started- 13/10/2020 Ended- 27/01/2021

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