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Discover effective leadership ideas to excel in your role as a primary presidency member. Inspire and guide the youth in your congregation with confidence and love.
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What Every Newly Called Primary President Needs to Know | LDS Daily

Have you just been called as the Primary President in your LDS congregation? Are you looking for advice on how to serve your children most effectively? We went right to the source and asked women who have served in Primary what they would want a newly called Primary President to know. Here are the very […]

James Lancaster
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I don’t know what it is, but every once in a while, the Primary kids get a little ….WILD! All the possible reasons run through my head, “Is it a full moon? Is it the last week of school? A holiday coming up??? Murphy’s Law???!??!?” No matter the reason (or no reason at all!), it can be intimidating to stand in front of ALLLLLL the children and gain order!!!! So we thought it would be helpful to share some of the secrets we use to help get the sweet kiddos to calm down, focus, and bring the…

Squiggy McGiggles
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Practice Ideas for the Primary Program

Hi Friends!I shared on FB a couple of ideas for practicing program songs, and in return I received a lot of questions! Which is great! So here are some more details about the things we've done in hopes that it helps a few other lovely choristers out there!PRACTICE AT HOMEThis is something new I tried this year and I have LOVED it. I sent each child home with a practice page asking them to sing each song 3 times. They colored in a circle for each time they sang it.(This is my practice page)…

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Primary Program Outline Freebie '24

The Book of Mormon Teaches Precious TruthsChoosing your program early helps you plan the rest of the year - especially the songs! The Primary Sacrament Meeting is a long tradition and highly anticipated presentation - and a monumental task for those preparing it. This free outline is designed to help get you started!This outline showcases the teachings of the Book of Mormon Prophets and women in the scriptures as they teach us about Christ and the "Precious Truths" found therein. There are 8…

Kelsey Acker

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