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Unleash your true princess power with these inspiring ideas. From fashion to beauty, discover how to channel your inner princess and embrace your royal essence.
17 lucky MoM members will WIN a Barbie in Princess Power DVD valued at $29.95. Competition ends: 2 April 2015 Disney Characters, Barbie, Disney, Yang, Princess, Character, Disney Princess, Princess Power, Princess Of Power

17 lucky MoM members will WIN a Barbie in Princess Power DVD valued at $29.95. Barbie is a modern-day princess turned superhero in her latest action packed, family adventure, Barbie in Princess Power. Inspiring girls everywhere to be extraordinary, Barbie in Princess Power is the first ever Barbie movie to have a theatrical release and the 30th film in the popular Mattel® franchise. In this empowering modern tale, Barbie stars as Kara, an everyday girl whose life becomes magical when she…

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Megara is the female heroine of Hercules. She is very sarcastic, sassy, snarky, brave, witty, and flirty young woman. Megara is voiced by Susan Egan. When Megara tried to escape from a nasty centaur she tells Hercules she could handle it. After the centaur was defeated, she introduced herself to Hercules. After Hercules and Pegasus flew off to Thebes she encountered Pain and Panic and Hades in the forest. Hades asked her why she didn't recruit the rive guardian to join his army for the…

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