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Systems Thinking Resources The Iceberg Model The iceberg model is a valuable tool to encourage systemic thinking and help you contextualize an issue as part of a whole system. By asking you to connect an event–a single incident or occurrence–to patterns of behavior, systems structures, and mental models, the iceberg allows you to see the structures underlying the event. Just like […]

Roezelt Jordaan
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According to the dictionary, a pioneer is “a person who is among those who first settle or develop an area, and prepares the way for others to follow.” Reflecting on this, I realized that this felt similar to a recent large-scale transformation, one that aimed to move the whole organization from large scale IT projects to one that is truly customer-led. Don’t be fooled; being first doesn’t make it liberating or even easy. Being first means it’s mostly unknown, hard, and ambiguous.

Julie Chadbourne