Propaganda art

Delve into the world of propaganda art and discover its profound influence on society. Uncover powerful examples and gain a deeper understanding of this impactful art form.
"Telling A Friend May Mean Telling The Enemy" - UK, Wwii. History, Vintage, War, Ww2, Enemy, Historia, History Posters, Wwii Propaganda, Wwii

Propaganda has been a powerful tool used throughout history. But how does it really work? And is it only used to trick people into believing certain things? When we hear about it, do we think only about past historic events or can we think of an example of seeing propaganda in today’s world?

Elin yngve
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The following images are from the CONSUME series, inspired by John Carpenter's, They Live. This series has shown up all over the internet and has been covered by news outlets such as io9 and Disinfo. From Tumblr to twitter to facebook to Instagram, you can find the CONSUME series, making the rounds. To see more please got to

Payton LaGrone