Psychology tattoo ideas inspiration

Express your love for psychology with these unique tattoo ideas. Find inspiration to showcase your passion for the mind and human behavior.
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As you might've realized from our publications on the Facebook group 'What in the $20 wish tattoo machine is this?' or the 'That's It, I'm Inkshaming' group, sadly, subpar tattoos are pretty common. Which makes the good ones even more admirable.

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Beauty is pain, and spine tattoos are a perfect example of this. If you ever encounter a person with a spine tattoo, bear in mind that that individual is not afraid of anything. But on a serious note, tattoos going down the spine are extremely painful. Think 9/10 on the pain scale. This isn't surprising, considering the spine is a bony area full of nerve endings.

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Quantity: 10 Pieces self love and healing process temporary tattoos for women. More than 30 unique tattoo designs and with no duplicates! Size & Design: Each sheet is 57x96 mm (2.25"x3.8") large. The designs cover broken hearts, love, self healing and growth, flowers and butterfly, line art hearts flowers rose, inspirational quotes like you are enough, one of a kink, mind matter, know your worth, no rain no flowers, let it go, self love, life goes on, she's art, just be you, etc. Waterproof…

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