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Nurse Lena Jason appears here with her fourth-year classmates of the Scotia Seminary in Concord, N.C. Unfortunately, the women were not individually identified. From the 1915-1916 Scotia Seminary catalog. Puerto Rico, History, Volunteer Nurse, Internment, Volunteer, Savannah Chat, Fayetteville, Nurse, National Cemetery

In May 1918, the Department of Labor announced its intentions to ease the labor shortages hampering government projects by recruiting Puerto Rican laborers. The federal government planned to compensate the estimated 75,000 volunteers with affordable meals, free housing, a wage of thirty-five cents per hour, and overtime pay. Transportation from the island to the mainland United States was provided through the War Department, which used transport vessels to ferry laborers to the coast after…

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I spent a solid 10 years soaking up life in Puerto Rico, where I gathered a bunch of popular Spanish sayings and matched them with their English equivalents. While other resources online might start with the Spanish saying and give you the English version, that's all well and good if you're a native Spanish speaker or already know the Spanish saying you're after. But if English is your mother tongue, what you really need is the reverse: the English saying paired up with its Spanish…

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