Quilted crossbody bag

Elevate your style with a fashionable quilted crossbody bag. Explore our top picks for versatile and chic accessories that add a touch of elegance to any outfit.
How to make: a quilted bum bag/shoulder bag/fanny pack (or whatever name you call it) — Joz Makes Quilts Sewing Essentials, Sewing Tips, Sewing Hacks, Sewing Tutorials, Diy Sewing Gifts, Bags Sewing, Diy Bags Patterns, Sewing Patterns, Crossbody Bag Diy

You know you are getting old when you start to see fashions that you have seen before coming back into style- case in point- the bum bag. I initially rolled my eyes when I saw people starting to wear these (albeit in a much more stylish way than the 90's) but I soon gave in to the trend and bought m

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In this video I am showing you step by step how to make a quilted cross body handbag :) ❀materials❀ D rings: https://ebay.us/W3O1Iq Swivel clasps: https://ebay.us/knUqsJ slider buckle: https://ebay.us/REn2nz faux leather: https://ebay.us/7BIilH

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Zippers: Neon, Stripes, and so many other colors 1 1/2" Webbing: Solid Cotton colors or Webbing with designs (just double check that the width is 1 1/2" wide). Alpen Belt Bag Hardware Kit (they've put together the pieces you need for the pattern--just choose what color you'd like!) Georgia Girl Stitches: 1 1/2" Cotton Webbing

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