Raining cats and dogs

Make the most of rainy days with these fun activities that will keep you entertained. Whether it's playing board games or watching movies, there's something for everyone when it's raining cats and dogs.
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I woke up to Hail and Rain this morning. As I listen to the Weather on TV, it is going to rain most of the day. Then it will slow down tomorrow but resume raining through the weekend. I might as well plan on living inside because our yard becomes a “MUD PUDDLE.” I can’t […]

Shaun Gilchrist
Fun fact: The term 'raining cats and dogs' comes from the time people had thatched roofs. Cats and dogs would sleep in the thatch, and when it rained hard, and the thatch got sodden, they would fall through into the house. Ideas, Funny Stuff, Funny Dogs, Humour, Funny Animal Quotes, Cat Owners, Todays Comics, Corny, Pet Humor

My cat, Tiger, has inspired me in many ways. She motivates me to be lazy, as well as encouraging me to swipe at random objects and clean myself daily (I opt for a shower rather than licking myself... thankfully). She is also the inspiration behind a variety of cat cartoons. These are a few that I've created over the past decade. I've even managed to publish a book of them (you can see it below), which was approved by Jim Davis himself (the creator of Garfield). Check out my social media…

Cua Swan