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10+ Hilarious Posts About Procrastination You Probably Shouldn't Be Reading Right Now Thoughts, Humour, Sayings, Life Quotes, Funny Quotes, Feelings, True Quotes, Relatable Quotes, Me Quotes

Do you pick up the phone and call your grandmother without a second thought? Do you clean your room without waiting for it to first turn into an inhabitable toxic wasteland? Do you write all of your essays with plenty of time to spare? Then it sounds like Marvel might have found a new superhero, because very few people have the strength to resist the persuasive powers of procrastination.

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Sometimes we need a break from the serious stuff. Perhaps you’ve seen the picture below before. When I first saw it I found it an interesting little item and thought you all might enjoy this fun diversion in your day. So take a look at the picture below. The first four words you see describe...