Recessed lighting

Discover how recessed lighting can transform your space with these top ideas. Upgrade your lighting and create a modern and sleek atmosphere in any room.
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When deciding what lighting options to use in your house, recessed lighting is a great option. Recessed light fixtures don't take up space and offer a lot of options. One of the most basic choices is whether or not to get a can or canless fixture. We have researched the differences between the two to...

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Electrical work seems scary for any weekend DIY-er. It's inherently daunting, because it's not a project that many of us know much about or even want to tackle. However, once you learn how to plan

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Recessed lighting is beautiful but should it be symmetrical? It's important to figure out your layout ahead of time to save on costly do-overs. We've researched to find out what the best practices are when it comes to recessed lighting layout. In order to create the most even general lighting in your room, space your […]

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