Recipes with biscuit dough

Discover mouthwatering recipes that you can easily make using biscuit dough. From savory to sweet, explore a variety of dishes that will satisfy your cravings.
Canned Biscuit Dough Recipes: Get the recipe for these cream cheese danishes at Baking Bytes. Dessert, Brunch, Snacks, Desserts, Breads, Brownies, Pasta, Patisserie, Cream Cheese Danish

There are a few ingredients we always keep on hand because they're the perfect launching pad for dozens of recipes. Just think of all of the meals you've made over the years with a humble box of spaghetti! But when it comes to baking both sweet and savory recipes, there's almost nothing as versatile as a can of refrigerated biscuit dough. Sure, your mind might hear "canned biscuit dough" and immediately think "pigs in a blanket," but we're over here dreaming of warm chicken pot pies…

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A can of refrigerated dough makes cooking and baking easy and fun! Everything from biscuits and crescent rolls to sheet dough and even a tube of cinnamon rolls. There are so many creative recipes to make for dinner, dessert, snacks, party appetizers, and more. Pillsbury has a huge variety of canned dough to choose from!

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