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Discover fashion tips and outfit ideas to flatter your rectangle body shape. Enhance your style and confidence with these top recommendations.
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The rectangle shaped women have balanced shoulders and hips, but can also come across as "straight-up-and-down". The right jeans can create curves for your shape and make you feel confident, while the wrong styles do exactly the opposite. In this detailed guide, we'll walk you through your main body traits and what style jeans work the best for the rectangle shaped women.

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Necklines play an important role in anything you wear. The right necklines can make you look slimmer and create a balance for your body shape, and the wrong ones do exactly the opposite. In this detailed guide, we'll first help you understand the unique body features of the rectangle shape, and then walk you through everything you need to know about choosing necklines.

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You've pulled out your tape measure, painstakingly measured your body, and confirmed it. You have a rectangle body shape. No wonder those body con dresses

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For rectangle body shapes, opt for dresses that create curves and define the waist. A-line, wrap, and belted dresses are flattering, as they cinch the waist and add volume. Peplum styles add shape to flat buttocks, while ruched and color-blocking dresses can give the illusion of a curvier silhouette. Highlight your toned arms and legs with sleeveless and short dresses. Choose necklines based on your bust size to accentuate or balance your figure.

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Just like what I mentioned in our brief walkthrough about your rectangle body shape’s traits, your lack of waist definition is one of your weakest points. The perfect way to bring definition to your waistline is to cinch your waist to create a more obvious indentation at the sides of your waist.

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OMG! I learned so much from this post for styles for rectangle body shape. Everyone says there are no specific styles for rectangle shape and that we can wear anything, but I was having trouble with my outfits! This post covers style tips for rectangle body shape, dress styles for rectangle body shape, clothing style for rectangle body shape, tops for rectangle body shape, how to dress for rectangular body shape, pants for rectangle body shape, skirts for rectangle body shape, and what to…