Recycled silverware

Discover unique and innovative ways to repurpose recycled silverware in your home. Turn old spoons, forks, and knives into beautiful and functional decor pieces that add a touch of charm to your space.
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If this is your first visit, please sign up for email alerts (in the right column) so you never miss a fun DIY! Ever notice how some utensils just seem to disappear? Sometime I wonder if some of my utensils are hooking up with socks from the dryer and hitting the road together. Maybe my […]

Lisa Herr
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Over the years, I seem to have accumulated quite a bit of silverplate! I'm not sure how it happens... a piece here, then a piece there. We used to be able to find silverplate in thrift stores for about a quarter a piece -- fifty cents, at the most. Now days, you can usually find it for about a dollar a piece. {This post contains affiliate links.} It's so hard to resist all the pretty vintage patterns! Some vintage silverware is quite worn and not great for eating from and not nice enough for…

Brenda Kirby